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Solar Roofing Services in Lawrenceville, GA

Are you ready to upgrade your home with solar roof shingles? Solar roofing has become extremely popular due to the number of benefits that come with them. We are now offering solar roof shingles installation in Lawrenceville, GA! Our roofing experts are highly trained and skilled in solar roof installation, ready to make your home eco-friendly and energy efficient. We can bring your home into an eco-friendly lifestyle with just one call.

Solar Roofing Near Lawrenceville, GA 

A solar roof is a great option for anyone looking to not only help the environment but also help their home. When considering switching to a solar roof in Lawrenceville, GA, there are a few things you must consider. One of the most important things is your home’s area. For solar shingles to be effective, they need to be in an area that gets optimal sunlight. This is why our roofing professionals will perform a full roof inspection before installing solar roofing shingles. During this inspection, our team will also examine your roof size, so we can make sure your roof has enough surface area for all the solar shingles you may need. 

Once our roofing contractors complete the roofing inspection, we can begin the solar roofing process. With solar roofing, you do not have to worry about the weather affecting your roof either, because each solar panel goes through extensive weather testing to ensure it can withstand all weather conditions. 

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Solar Roofing Installation and Repair

Benefits of Solar Roofing in Lawrenceville GA 

Good for the Environment 

One of the best benefits that comes with solar roofing is the positive effect it has on the environment. Solar roof shingles help reduce water pollution, greenhouse gas, and CO2 emissions. When you have solar roof tiles installed, you are helping create a safe and clean environment for the world.

Lower Your Utility Bills 

With the installation of solar roof shingles, you can cut your utility bill cost by up to 25%! This is because a solar roof will offset your electricity usage, which will lead to you paying less and less in your utility bills over time. 

Earn Tax Credits 

Because you will be making such positive changes for the environment with solar roofing, you will also be offered incentives from the national and state government. These incentives can get you 22% of the cost back when you file your new solar roof installation on your taxes.

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When you are ready to transform your roof into a solar roof, you can depend on us to be there for the job! Contact us today to learn more about our solar roofing Lawrenceville, GA installation services or to schedule your free roofing consultation!

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